Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling Blessed!

Life is good! Country living is the best and I'm so glad to be living out here on Willow Road! I love the peace and quiet. I love watching the hens in the coop. I love listening to the storms when they come rolling through. I love my garden and the fresh berries and grapes that grow out here. I love looking up at the night sky and seeing the stars. I sure wish I could have brought my kids up out in the country.

Life is keeping me busy. I've decided to put together a cookbook and have been having lots of fun with that. I'm so excited about the possibilities and the men in the house are going to like trying out all the recipes. LOL It'll have lots of our family's old favorites and some new favorites, too. Mostly made from scratch but there will be some easy recipes with boxed ingredients included. A little something for everyone! I'm also doing some recipe booklets that will concentrate on just one ingredient each like mint, pumpkins, apples, etc. I'm hoping to have them ready by the end of November so they can be ordered in time for Christmas. So much to do!

And, speaking of Christmas, I'm busy planning presents for this year. I have LOTS of ideas. Just need the time to get them done. I want this holiday season to be full of fun and magic! I didn't even decorate last year. This year I'm going to go all out!!


~mc~ said...

Woo-Hoo! I love it when you blog :)

~Nan said...

LOL I really need to blog more often.