Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chickens In the Henhouse

Here it is! My new chicken coop. Mostly finished and the chickens seem happy. Still have to set up the run, but at least no more chickens in my backroom!! Yay!!!!!!

They have lots of room now and I love just sitting out there and watching them. They all crowd around the door when I go out and feed them in the mornings. Funny creatures!

It's nice knowing that, no matter what happens with the economy, we will always have something to eat. There will always be eggs and chickens can be butchered if needed. Our garden is doing really well this year, too. I need to get more jars so I can start canning when it's all ready to be harvested. LOTS of zucchini, pumpkin, tomatoes and cucumbers. We'll also have soup beans and a few strawberries and plenty of carrots and onions. Plus some sweet potatoes, cabbage and brussel sprouts. We've already been picking blackberries and have an ice cream bucket full of them in the freezer. I know there's more ripe and ready to be picked. There's rhubarb waiting to be cut and I have several bags of asparagus in the freezer, too. And later there will be tons of grapes. Nope, no worrying about going hungry here!