Friday, February 12, 2010

Tale of the Happy Pig

Once upon a time (when I was very small) I was given a Lefton china piggy bank. I always smiled when I looked at him and he always smiled back. He was a very happy pig. He jingled and jangled with coins over the years...making a wonderfully musical sound when I shook him. For many, many years he sat smiling on my dresser grinning ear to ear as only the happiest of happy pigs do. One day he got broken. I don't remember exactly how. (I'm sure it was so traumatic that I blocked it from my mind.) But, no matter...the happy little pig was no more.

Last week Earl and I went to a small shop that sells antiques and collectibles. It's alway fun to go there and I almost always find some little thing to bring home. One time it was a set of miniature abc cookie cutters in a tin. Another time a Royal Albert teacup with beautiful pink roses.

I was browsing all the tables in the nooks and crannies of the shop when, all of a sudden, I spied a familiar smile. I smiled back. And now, a happy pig sits on my dresser once again grinning ear to ear and making a wonderfully musical sound when I shake him.