Thursday, July 22, 2010

1950's Kitsch

I have very eclectic tastes when it comes to decorating my home. I love anything vintage. From pretty much any decade. If it calls my name and I love it I will make it fit in. I have collections of lace, Boyds Bears, Coca Cola, brass, baskets and more. I love nothing better than spending the day hitting antique and thrift stores or going to yard sales. I walked into a Salvation Army the other day, saw this and deemed it mine!

1950's magazine rack/ashtray. I absolutely love it! Fun, retro, kitschy!! Oh, yeah! Now to figure out where exactly it will go.....


SciFiChick said...

I love your magazine rack. Thrift stores and garage sales are one of the things I enjoy the most. There's nothing more fun than finding that special "fill-in-the-blank) I saw your link over at Wretha's and thought I would stop in and say hello. Your welcome to stop by over at "my place" anytime!
Have a great day!

Josh Healy said...

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